Enrollment for Fall 2024 classes begins March 12 on HomeSchoolCampus.org.  Please reach out with any questions. I hope to have your students join me next year!  

Here is a list of all the classes I will be offering in September 2024:

Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar

Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar (grades 3-4) Thursday 12:30 pm

Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar (grades 5-6) Thursday 11 am

Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar for middle school (grades 6-8) Monday 9 am

Advanced Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar (grades 7-9) Wednesday 12:30 pm


Creative Story Writing (grades 4-7) Monday 12:30 pm

Intro to IEW Writing (grades 2-3) Tuesday 11 am

Beginning IEW Writing (grades 3-5) Mondays 10 am

Beginning IEW Writing (grades 3-5) Tuesday 9 am

IEW Medieval History Themed Writing (grades 5-7) Monday 1:30 pm

IEW Ancient History Themed Writing (grades 4-6) Thursday 10 am

Focus on Writing (grades 5-9) Monday 11 am

*NEW* IEW Following Narnia (grades 6-9) Wednesday 1:30 pm


Literature and Writing (grades 4-6) Wednesday, 9 am

Middle School English Literature and Composition (grades 6-8) Tuesday 12:30 pm

Advanced Middle School English Lit and Composition (grades 7-9) Tuesday 1:30 pm

Social Studies/History

Dive into Social Studies (grades 2-3) Wednesday 10 am

Exploring American History Through Literature (grades 4-6) Wednesday 11 am

*NEW* Exploring Ancient Civilizations through Literature (grades 5-7) Tuesday 10 am

For More Information

You can find complete descriptions of all my classes on my website at TutorWithHolly.com, as well as on the HomeSchoolCampus.org website.  On the HomeSchool Campus website, search my name, Holly Dodson, in the instructor drop down menu, and click search, to see all my classes in one place.  

I have several detailed blog posts and videos that include even more details about my classes and examples of some of the outstanding work that students have created.  Click on the links below for more information about classes you are interested in: 

Beginning IEW Writing Class, grades 3-5, peek at the live online class

Dive into Social Studies, grades 2-3 (Importance of Raising Culturally Aware Children)

Dive into Social Studies, grades 2-3 (Spotlight on students, samples of student work)

Exploring American History Through Literature, grades 4-6

Literature and Writing, Grades 4-6 student spotlight, sample of student presentation

Literature and Writing, Grades 4-6, sneak peek at the live online class

Middle School Literature and Composition Class, grades 6-8, samples of student presentations

Advanced Middle School Literature and Composition Class, grades 7-9, student presentation


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