What Parents and Students Are Saying


One of the best things about teaching is the relationships you build with your students and their families. Holly values what her students and her students' parents have to say. She knows that they are the experts on their own children, and she wants to do everything she can to help them succeed. Holly goes out of her way to build strong relationships with her students and their families, so that she can better understand their needs and help them reach their best potential.

What Parents Are Saying

“You provided the caring, respectful, fun, yet firm approach Evan needed. He actually looked forward to working with you after school! Under your guidance, he grew more and more confident, and became proud of the work he was doing and the results he achieved. You demonstrated that giving our kids that little edge they need to succeed adds so much to their self-esteem and positive attitude about school.”
Mrs. Mezger
“One of my children recently scored in the 97th percentile nationwide in Writing and Comprehension for the SAT, and I am positive that Holly had a big part of that huge accomplishment. I am very confident in my children’s college writing abilities. Every time my eldest, who is now a sophomore in college, receives a high score on a paper (which is the usual,) we like to exclaim, with a heart full of gratitude, “Thank you Miss Holly!” How can I ever say enough about a person who has given the gift of confidence in writing to each of my children?”
Mrs. Olomi
“Holly is one of the very special teachers that we all dream about our children having in their early educational years. She is caring and has an excellent way of communicating with our son. His grades and confidence level have improved remarkably. He now enjoys school and comes home most days with a smile! She has had a very important impact on our son.”
Mr. and Mrs. Grinstead

What Parents Are Saying

Holly's Connection with Her Students Is Unmatched

Holly knows that every student is different, and that each one learns in their own way. She adapts her teaching methods to fit the needs of each individual student, so that they can all succeed. Holly is always looking for new ways to help her students learn, and she is constantly updating her skills so that she can provide them with the best possible education. Holly cares deeply about her students and their families, and she is always looking out for their best interests. She wants nothing more than to see her students succeed in school and in life.

What Students Are Saying

“Before I took IEW class, I didn’t like writing, but now I love it. IEW helped me learn dress ups and all of these cool tips on writing. This class is really fun. Usually, most classes make me bored, but IEW gets me excited to learn, create, write, and use my imagination. Throughout the school year, the IEW class taught me a lot, and I absolutely loved it.”
3rd Grade Student
“In the past semester, I have been inspired by shout outs during class, by my work being used as an example, and by encouraging notes being written on the top of my papers… After I worked hard on a descriptive essay, the teacher read the entire paper to the class. I got to go home with the biggest smile on my face, knowing I did a good job. Ms. Holly did an amazing job keeping her students encouraged and determined to work hard!”
8th Grade Student
“Before I started IEW, I did not like writing as much as I like it now. I am now writing more than ever (and I enjoy writing for fun sometimes)! Mrs. Holly is an amazing teacher, and her class is amazing as well! Whether we are in class or on Zoom, it is an outstanding class! I recommend IEW if you want to write superb stories.”
2nd Grade Student

What Students Are Saying


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