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Writing is hard; students have to worry about grammar, punctuation, structure, and making their point clear. Writing can be a lot of work, and it can be really frustrating when they don't know where to start, or how to correct their mistakes. As a Writing Coach, Holly provides the tools and guidance for students necessary for children to become successful writers. Holly works with students of all ages to help them improve their writing skills and develop a love for writing. Holly's goal is to help each student to reach his or her potential as a writer, and to be able to express themselves clearly and effectively.

Improve Student Writing Skills

With Tutor with Holly’s Writing Coaching Services, your kids will get the help they need to improve their writing skills. They’ll learn techniques that will make writing easier and more fun, and they’ll see improvement in their grades.
Success in both the academic and professional worlds depends on the ability to write well. Poor writing not only hurts a student’s grades, but also reflects poorly on college entrance essays, cover letters for jobs, and business correspondence. The sooner students learn to recognize and correct writing errors, the easier it becomes for them, so that they can become excellent writers for the rest of their lives.

What Teachers Are Saying

Holly possesses the right combination of compassion, knowledge, and flexibility to excel as a writing tutor. She has a special gift of being able to genuinely connect with her students, so they feel comfortable and safe in her presence. Holly worked with my students one-on-one, so she could personalize her instruction to meet their individual needs. First she helped my students understand the elements and themes of the different genres of literature. Then she guided them through the steps of the writing process until their ideas were beautifully written into well-organized formal essays. My students appreciated Holly's patience and encouragement as she walked them through each step of their writing assignment. I saw tremendous growth in my students' writing skills during the time Holly worked with them.
--Mrs. Macedo
High School English Teacher

How Holly Can Help

As a teacher, Holly is dedicated to building a student’s confidence and writing skills. Holly will guide your children this school year if they have trouble writing, or if they just need some extra instruction. Holly loves teaching children to become great writers!

Holly works with students of all ages to correct common mistakes, and improve overall writing skills and performance. This is a completely customizable program, designed to meet individual student needs. Some students just need editing and feedback on their work; others require one-on-one instruction to discuss problem areas and how to fix them.  

Holly’s writing coach services are the completely customizable answer to all of your students’ writing needs.

Writing Coach Services are billed hourly at $90 per hour.


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Helping Students to Become Confident and Independent Writers and Learners

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