Teacher, Tutor, Writing Coach

Holly Dodson offers live online classes in IEW writing, literature, language arts, and social studies; pre-recorded, self-paced writing classes; private tutoring; and individualized writing coach services.

Holly's Services

Holly Dodson offers a variety of services to meet your student’s needs.

Holly’s live online classes are lively and fun, providing students with teacher and student interaction from the comfort of their own home. She offers live online classes in multiple levels of IEW writing, literature and composition classes for grades 3-9, social studies and history for grades 2-6, and vocabulary, spelling, and grammar for grades 3-8.

Live Online Classes

Holly Dodson offers live online classes that are lively and engaging. She has classes for grades 2-9 in IEW Writing, Creative Story Writing, Literature and Composition, Vocabulary, Spelling, and Grammar, Social Studies, and American History.

Writing Coach Services

Holly’s writing coach services are flexible and custom designed to help students become excellent writers. Whether you need direct instruction, editing and feedback on assignments for other classes, weekly meetings, or occasional help, we can design a program to meet your needs. Excellent writing skills are necessary for success both academically and professionally, and Holly can help students of all ages become great writers.

Pre-recorded, Self-Paced Writing Classes

Holly’s pre-recorded, self-paced writing classes are perfect for students who can’t attend live online. These classes include teacher editing and feedback, setting them apart from most pre-recorded online classes.

One-on-One Tutoring

When a student begins having difficulty with schoolwork, it can lead to frustration and lack of confidence. Often, all a child needs to catch up is the extra instruction and attention that one-on-one tutoring provides. I hold a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, and I am available to tutor in all subjects for grades K-8. I taught first grade for seven years and am experienced in whole language and phonics-based reading. I have been doing private tutoring in the Temecula area for twenty-six years, and have worked with students from age 4 to 18. I focus on each student’s individual needs and abilities, and move forward at his or her pace.

Don’t let frustration spoil your child’s love of learning. Get help for your struggling student today.

Private tutoring is $65 for 50 minutes or $35 for 25 minutes.