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Live Online Classes

Holly Dodson offers live online classes that are lively and engaging. She has classes for grades 2-9 in IEW Writing, Creative Story Writing, Literature and Composition, Vocabulary, Spelling, and Grammar, Social Studies, and American History. No matter where your student lives, they can take Holly’s popular classes online. Online home learning allows students to learn from an experienced teacher and to interact with their teacher and peers. All live online classes are scheduled in the Pacific Standard Time zone.

All classes are non-sectarian, and private pay and charter school funds are accepted.

About Holly's Classroom

The average class size in public or private schools is close to 30 students. With Tutor with Holly, you get smaller students per class, which makes a significant difference in your child’s education! Smaller class sizes are generally better for learning because teachers can give more individual attention to each student, and there are more opportunities for group interaction and discussion. A 16-week semester costs $295, which comes out to less than $19 per class. 

These programs are a great fit for students who learn best in small groups!

Classes for Grades 2-5

Tutor With Holly offers a variety of classes for students in grades 2-5. Three of the most popular are her Intro to IEW for Young Writers (suggested for grades 2-4), Beginning IEW Writing (suggested for grades 3-6), and Creative Story Writing (suggested for grades 4-7) Holly also offers literature and writing classes, social studies and history classes, and vocabulary, spelling, and grammar for elementary age students. These small group classes meet the needs of each student.

Middle School Classes

Middle school is a crucial time for students. They are preparing for high school, and transitioning into more independent learning. Holly Dodson knows how important these years are, and has designed curriculum that provides challenge and encouragement for middle school students.

Literature and Writing for Middle Schoolers is designed for students in grades 6-8, and provides instruction and practice in reading analysis, writing, and presentation skills. For more advanced students, the Advanced Middle School Literature and Composition class challenges students in grades 7-9 to think critically about the texts they are reading IEW. Medieval History-Based Writing classes (for grades 5-8) teaches students how to write more effectively. And vocabulary, spelling, and grammar classes for grades 6-8 help students improve their language skills.

How to Register For Live Online Classes

Holly’s live online classes are offered through HomeSchoolCampus.org, a one-stop shopping destination for a wide variety of classes for home school students.

To register, click here and select Holly Dodson in the instructor drop down box.

You will see all of Holly’s classes, required materials, and payment options. When you have registered for the class, Holly will be notified, and arrange payment through your charter or private pay.


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