Student Spotlight-Riley Bodziak, Live Online Creative Story Writing Student

Meet Riley Bodziak, Creative Story Writing Class Student Welcome to my Student Spotlight Newsletter.  This year I introduced my Creative Story Writing Class, and I just LOVE this class!  I told my students it feels more like a college class, because the kids that are in it really want to be there; they are enthusiastic, […]

Introducing Dive Into Social Studies Students

Introducing Dive into Social Studies Students This week I want to shine the student spotlight on my Dive into Social Studies students.  These second and third graders learned about geography and democracy during first semester.  In our geography unit, students made maps with the continents and oceans, learned about countries, states, and communities, and created maps of […]

Tutor with Holly: A Homeschool Teacher and Tutor in Temecula, California.

Are you looking for a homeschool teacher to help you improve your child’s academic performance? If so, you’ve come to the right place! At Tutor with Holly, I provide excellent educational services to help your child succeed. I am an expert in my field and I am dedicated to helping your child achieve their goals. […]