Due to Covid-19, Holly now offers all tutoring services and group classes online using Zoom.  The kids have been loving learning in their pajamas!  If you or your student need extra educational support during this time, please contact me so I can help.  Be sure to also check my pre-recorded, self-paced online writing class options at WriteWithHolly.com.

Tutor With Holly offers small group classes and one-on-one tutoring for students of all ages.

Private tutoring is available in all subjects, grades K-8, and writing and English through grade 12.  Each session is customized to individual student needs and can include general homework support, remedial work to help students catch up on missed concepts, and enrichment activities to challenge more advanced students.

Small group classes provide group interaction and sharing of ideas among students, as well as individual attention from the teacher. Classes meet in Holly’s home classroom in Temecula as well as at the Murrieta HomeSchool Campus.  All classes are 55 minutes in length and meet once or twice a week.

Additional classes will be added as needed, so if the times listed don’t work for you, please let me know what does, and I will try to open a class that meets your needs.

Holly is an approved vendor for River Springs Charter School, Harbor Springs Charter School, Sage Oak Charter School, Valiant Charter School, Summit Academy, Excel Charter School, Julian Charter School, Sky Mountain Charter School, Inspire Charter School, and Dehesa Charter School.