Online IEW Writing Classes

My popular IEW (Institute For Excellence in Writing) classes are now available online. I will provide your student with the same materials that the students in the class receive, and I will edit your student’s homework just like I do for the students in my class.  If your student has questions, I am available by email. Your child will receive all the benefits of taking the class, but you don’t have to travel or fit a specific time into your schedule–your child can view the video on YOUR schedule, on any day, and at any time.

Each class is eight weeks, and you can begin anytime.  The cost of each class is $95.

IEW Writing Classes (based on Andrew Pudewa’s Institute for Excellence in Writing Program)

Writing is one of the most difficult subjects to teach. Students find themselves staring helplessly at a blank sheet of paper without any idea where to begin. Well-meaning parents and teachers often rely on subjective measures of “what sounds right” in trying to guide young writers to improve their writing.

In this class, students are given source materials so they always know what to write about (no more, “I don’t know what to write!”), and they learn specific techniques for improving their writing style. Using models and checklists, they always know exactly what is expected of them in their writing assignments, leading to more independent writing.

During this eight-week course, students learn how to create key word outlines, a valuable skill that helps them in writing and note taking in all content areas.

Students learn to use “dress ups” and “sentence openers,” specific stylistic techniques that add variety to sentence structure.

Using models and checklists for daily writing, students learn a “formula” for good writing, taking the guesswork out of an often bewildering subject.

Recommended for grades 4 and up


Four levels of writing classes are offered:

Writing I (for students new to the IEW program)

This class is an introduction to the IEW program. Students learn the basics of creating key word outlines and learn the first six dress ups. This beginning class covers Units I, II, and IV in the IEW program.

Writing II (for students who have taken my Writing I class, or its equivalent)

This class builds on the skills learned in the Writing I class, with more emphasis on story writing. Students continue to use dress ups learned in the beginning class, and start learning and adding sentence openers and decorations.  Writing II covers Unit III in the IEW program.

Writing II, part 2 (Added in 2020)

I have had so many students really love and flourish in the Writing II class, that I have expanded on that class with a Writing II, part 2.  This class covers units III and V in the IEW program, and allows students to spend more time with story writing using the Story Sequence Model and Writing from Pictures techniques. This class introduces additional decorations to add more fun and flair to story writing.  If your student enjoyed Writing II, I highly recommend this class!

Writing III (for students who have taken my Writing I and II classes, or their equivalent)

This class builds on the skills learned in the Writing I and II classes. Students will write a five-paragraph report using three sources, and another five-paragraph essay “taking notes from their brain.” Students learn how to write an introductory paragraph and concluding paragraph. Students continue to use dress ups and sentence openers learned in Writing I and Writing II, and are introduced to the decorations. Writing III covers Units VI and VII in the IEW program.

Writing IV (for students who have taken my Writing I, II, and III classes, or their equivalent)

This class builds on the skills learned in the Writing I, II, and III classes. Students will write a five-paragraph critique (book report), and a five paragraph persuasive essay. Writing IV covers Units VIII and IX in the IEW program.

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