Thank you to the parents who have had such nice things to say about my teaching.  I love working with your kids, and knowing that I’ve had a positive impact!   –Holly

“One of my children recently scored in the 97th percentile nationwide in Writing and Comprehension for the SAT, and I am positive that Holly had a big part of that huge accomplishment.  I am very confident in my children’s college writing abilities.  Every time my eldest, who is now a sophomore in college, receives a high score on a paper (which is the usual,) we like to exclaim, with a heart full of gratitude, “Thank you Miss Holly!”  How can I ever say enough about a person who has given the gift of confidence in writing to each of my children?” —Mrs. Olomi

“As a mother I have seen his struggles, and now he faces his fear of writing armed with your checklist of dress-ups.  He is able to sit down alone and type out paragraphs without tears and anxiety. He’s found pride in his work and he loves to share his thoughts. Your class has made such a difference in his education, thank you so very much!” —Mrs. Kennedy

“My son Michael’s writing improved a couple of grades and he overcame his dread of writing. He even shared his newly acquired knowledge with his younger sister. He did it with such mastery that I knew he was taught well! In such a short period, Holly had a profound effect on Michael’s education.”  –Mrs. Howard

“Holly is one of the very special teachers that we all dream about our children having in their early educational years.  She is caring and has an excellent way of communicating with our son.  His grades and confidence level have improved remarkably.  He now enjoys school and comes home most days with a smile!  She has had a very important impact on our son.”  –Mr. and Mrs. Grinstead

“You provided the caring, respectful, fun, yet firm approach Evan needed.  He actually looked forward to working with you after school!  Under your guidance, he grew more and more confident, and became proud of the work he was doing and the results he achieved.  You demonstrated that giving our kids that little edge they need to succeed adds so much to their self esteem and positive attitude about school.”  –Mrs. Mezger

“Within the very first hour, Holly’s straightforward, clear instructional techniques combined with her friendliness, energy and warmth secured my son’s respect and attention, and he thrived under her teaching style. Holly taught him a new way to think about and approach the process of writing, and caused Travis to discover in himself an ability and esteem that no other instructor has ever been able to do.”  –Mrs. Reid

Holly has developed within my daughter a love and a passion for writing.  Holly’s calm and nurturing personality has allowed my daughter to grow and develop her thought process as well as stimulate her confidence. This has all been accomplished in a safe and loving environment. Holly’s enthusiasm for teaching has given my daughter the desire to seek out academic challenges and to conquer them with abundant joy.  –Mrs. Dinan

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