Book Clubs


Students read high-interest, quality literature and do writing, vocabulary, and other activities centered around the book we are reading.  We read challenging but fun books aloud during class, and work on writing chapter summaries, creative writing assignments, vocabulary practice, and other book-centered, grade-level activities.

This is a great class to supplement students’ school reading and writing assignments.  Studies show that students should be reading and writing every day; and this is a fun way to practice both in a small-group, no-pressure, teacher-supported environment.

Classes are on-going and can be joined at any time.  Cost is $60 for four weeks.  You will be responsible for providing a copy of the book we are reading as well.

I will form new classes if the current classes don’t meet your needs.  Please feel free to contact me with class requests.

Holly is an approved vendor for River Springs Charter School, Harbor Springs Charter School, Sage Oak Charter School, Valiant Charter School, Excel Charter School, Julian Charter School, Sky Mountain Charter School, Inspire Charter School, and Dehesa Charter School.

For more information or to enroll your student, call Holly at 951-302-0540 or email at